Shelley Grom

A Conversation with Shelley Grom

Shelley Grom

A Conversation with Shelley Grom

With over four years of designing timeless spaces from Houston, Texas to the Vail Valley and beyond, Shelley joins Collective as an Associate Designer.

Shelley takes a personal approach toward making every project unique to each client. With each stunning, original space she completes, her love of design continues to grow.

Here we get to know Shelley, how she begins her design process, what has impacted her career as a designer, and how she brings her client’s vision of home to life through building personal relationships.

How did you know you wanted to be a designer?
Since I can remember! When I was in elementary school, I would stay up after my parents put me to bed. I would rearrange my room, pull different bedding that I would find in the linen closet, and incorporate accessories from around my house. My parents were in shock and impressed when they would wake up and see what I designed.

Can you remember the first space that had a big impact on your interior design career?
Honestly, no! Since I started designing, I have enjoyed and have been impacted by every single one of my projects and the experiences shaped from them. I am so grateful for each space I get to bring to life.

How do you describe your job as a designer?
My job is ever-changing. No project is the same, even if a client has similar style or interests. I like for each project to be unique, personal and individual to each client’s aesthetic.

Walk me through the beginning of your design process…
I always start with a client introduction and a walk-through of their home. It is so important to get to know the client so that I can learn their style and intention of the space. The walk-through also helps develop a clear understanding of what is available to me as their designer and the level of work that can be done.

How important is relationship when designing a client’s home?
It is critical to know my clients on a personal level when designing their home. A strong designer-client relationship enables me to be familiar with their likes and dislikes, from initial space planning to all the little details. When I build trust with our clients right from the beginning of a project, I can truly guide them in creating the spaces of their dreams.

How do you help clients whose design aesthetic might not be like yours?
I almost prefer it! Everyone is unique and I want to make sure that is portrayed in their home. I love when I get to work with a client’s art collection or family heirlooms; items that I would not get the opportunity to decorate with otherwise.

How do you make sure your client’s house feels like home?
I want my clients’ homes to reflect them, their lifestyle, and personality. I make sure to hone in on their aesthetic, how they intend to use their spaces, and what their personal interests are to make their house feel like home.

What does a successful project mean to you?
The look of excitement my clients get when we present the final product to them says it all. Their positive reactions are priceless!

What do you see for the future of design?
Currently, with the impact of the pandemic, I see people utilizing their spaces in different ways and bringing home the activities that are usually done elsewhere. I see clients more inclined to incorporate home offices, interesting game rooms to keep their kiddos busy, and home gyms.

Finish this sentence. Every space needs…
To be unique and completely tailored to you.

What do you like best about your line of work?
I love constantly being hands-on, using my creativity, and allowing myself to think outside of the box.

What made you want to be a part of the Collective team?
The people, environment, and portfolio of this company is incomparable.

What are you looking forward to most in your career at Collective?
Building new client relationships while creating their dream space!



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