Interior Design Trends We Love


Interior Design Trends We Love

As we head into a new year, many of us are naturally drawn toward the idea of making improvements to various aspects of our day-to-day; whether it’s our health, daily habits or the spaces that surround us. Refreshing an area of your home can be a great way to inspire positive change, especially by utilizing some of the techniques currently trending in interior design. Our award-winning interior designers share some of their favorite ways to incorporate these popular design trends into your home, from finishes and fixtures to furnishings, in ways that are both stylish and progressive.

Emily Keever

Black Bathrooms
Emily Conley, Interior Designer

black bathroom

black bathroom

Dark spaces create a specific mood and a sense of privacy that I love. They can be completely separate from the rest of the finish scheme and can stand alone. Small spaces in particular are great for dark paint or tile; powder baths are a must! Add dark brass to the dark walls as a combo. Dark-walled bathrooms are elegant and can be accessorized as much or as little as desired.


Lisa Yates

Upholstered Furniture
Lisa Yates, Interior Designer

Dekker Chair

Barao Chair

Angora Chaise

Portsmouth Love Seat

Neutral upholstery is very “in”. With pops of color coming from accessories, you’re able to transform a space without purchasing new and expensive furniture pieces. I love the look of less formal profiles; things aren’t quite as tailored and are a little more relaxed. Up here in the mountains, it's a perfect way to create warmth and comfort.


elle schwab

Elle Schwab, Interior Designer

Dekker Chair
Turquesa armchair

Nature is everchanging and so are we, but the biophilia trend is one that will continue to stick around. Biophilia, defined as mixing nature and people in a living space, is especially popular here in the mountains with outdoor enthusiast lifestyles. I love incorporating living art, natural stones, plants, fur, leather and wood into my designs. Operable Walls that open entirely from a room to the outdoors are becoming more and more of a trend, even a necessity. It’s an impressive way to let the natural elements to shine into your mountain home.


Catherine Lykins

Mixed Metals
Catherine Lykins, Interior Designer

Milicent Small Centerpiece

Phelps Side Chair

Soho Side Table

Nordic Nightstand

I love to change or update a space with an unexpected twist using mixed metals. Mixed metals help to add contrast to any space - kitchens, baths, and entries especially - and are a beautiful feature on furnishings, art pieces and accessories. By choosing one dominant metal type and adding one or two more metal finishes [depending on room size], the goal is to create individuality with a personalized touch. My favorite space to use metals is - a dark bathroom - where they really pop.


Hillary Mork

Graphic Wallcovering
Hillary Mork, Interior Designer



An easy way to add visual interest and a focal point to a space is with a graphic wallcovering. I like to use this trend in bathrooms, kitchens and secondary bedrooms. Depending on the space and the design, it could be used on just one accent wall or an entire room. Neutral furnishings and accessories are ideal in these spaces - so the walls attract the eye. It's a unique way to introduce either subtle hues or bold, contrasting colors. And it's a fun way to get homeowners to tap into their creativity.



Less Formal, Comfortable Profiles
Bri Rasmussen, Interior Designer

Amalfi Swivel Chair

Ithaca DIning CHair

Eaton Nesting Cocktail TAble

Michael Weiss Abingdon

By moving away from formal or traditional profiles, we’re minimizing the amount of furniture and are selecting purposeful pieces that are comfortable, inclusive, welcoming and relaxed. Being more methodical in furniture selections provides a “less is more” feel. What I love about this trend is the ability to make it your own. Your home should spark joy in your life. Bring in natural elements and keep it warm and welcoming.


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