style your nightstand

How to Style Your Nightstand

style your nightstand

How to Style Your Nightstand

Cat Lykins
Cat Lykins
Associate Designer

When asked, “What furniture pieces are you loving this year?” for a previous blog, I said, nightstands. I have since had a lot of my interior design clients, family members and friends ask me to elaborate on that so many times, I decided to write more about that.

The bedroom is a space where you refresh, relax and recharge, so it’s important that it’s very “you.” Nightstands are a piece you can completely personalize, mixing your favorite photo and your latest book club novel with great accessories. You’ll see these just before you sleep and right after you wake, so put some thought into how you want to feel in those moments and the pieces that will get you there. Here are some of my favorite nightstands and accessories and tips on how to style and personalize bedroom furniture.

Choosing a Nightstand

Before I choose a nightstand, I measure the space to be sure I’m getting the perfect fit. An appropriately sized nightstand will sit even, or as close to the top of the mattress as possible. Typically, I will line the back of the nightstand up with the back of the bed and leave a few inches between the two for bedding. Then I love to choose a unique yet stylish nightstand that makes a statement in the room. The goal is to have it catch your eye and work as a focal point.

One of my favorites is our Greyson Nightstand. The raised harlequin pattern on the Greyson's facade gives it a playful feel. Its modern-machine look comes from its hand-aged, zinc finish, while three drawers provide ample storage. Plus, it’s neutral so it can work in any space.

nightstand Lamp

After selecting a strong focal piece as my foundation, I’ll choose the nightstand accessories.

A lamp is a great bedroom accessory and highly functional, adding personal lighting to your space. Again, I start by measuring. A good way to properly size a lamp for your nightstand is to measure from the top surface of the nightstand to the top of your headboard. The top of the lamp should sit near the top of the headboard. I love the Quail Lamp which brings a splash of color to a neutral space. It’s definitely one of my favorite nightstand lamps in our store downstairs.

To add more height and color to your nightstand, a stack of books is a decorative and functional way to accessorize. Always include your favorite reading book over a few of our tabletop books: Good To Glow, A Beautiful Mess, Dog People, Insecta, Cuba, or A Tribute to Flowers and more. Make sure that it’s an odd number in the stack. Believe it or not, this helps give visual balance to the stack.

Add a succulent or a small vase of flowers for a natural element that visually softens the room. Our Marek Vase is beautiful piece with astounding visual textures that are all produced naturally.

Meaningful, Purposeful Pieces
Finally, add a favorite small accessory to your nightstand. My personal favorites? Our Wild Groves Candle in its distressed iron tin, our golden Irao Couples Statue or our White Stone Puzzle. It can also be a photo frame holding your favorite memory, a jewelry dish or simply a pair of glasses. Have fun with it and play with items outside the box!


How To: Decorate Your Coffee Table

It’s fun to think outside the box when planning your holiday decor. Simple tricks like adding a wreath to your coffee table is an easy way to do so. You can fill the center of the wreath with gorgeous ornaments to display those festive colors.

Another easy holiday decorating trick is adding candles to your design. The soft flickering light brings warmth to the space, while adding a different element to your decor.

How To: Decorate Your Dining Table

Wow your friends & family this year with an amazing holiday table! The best design trick here? It’s all about layers! Lining stylish vases down the middle of your table with winter foliage is a great place to start. Then, mix in some fun candle taper holders on each side. You can add greenery or garland between the vases and more candlesticks to make the centerpiece look fuller.

Another simple holiday trick is adding pinecones or nuts to the table; bringing in warmth with another natural element. Don’t forget to incorporate festive linens or napkins to add softness and color to the table.

How To: Decorate Your Console

Don't overthink your holiday decor. Sometimes less is more! When styling a console, start with a big centerpiece and build around it. You can fill a bowl with greenery and add some fun ornaments for color and sparkle. I always like to run a garland, weaving it around the lamps and bowl so it doesn't look too stiff. Then fill in any gaps with gorgeous candle pillars and snow globes!


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