style your entry

How to Style Your Entry Table

style your entry

How to Style Your Entry

Elle Schwab
Elle Schwab

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When you walk into a home, your first impression of space, style and personalization is behind the front door. It’s where you first feel the comfort of home, where you can kick off your shoes, put down your keys and hang up your jacket. It can be where you showcase meaningful possessions so right when you walk in the door, you’re feel at home. Here, I’ll share some of my favorite pieces to include in an entry and tips on how to style and personalize your own.

Every entry needs an entry table or console that sits against the wall on either side of the doorway. It should be at hands height and can be as thin or wide as you’d like; Whatever fits the space best. My favorite entry tables bring a natural element, also known as biophilia, into the space. Our Chamcha or Teak and Iron consoles display gorgeous wooden trunks, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

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Another beautiful piece is our Linea console made of ash solids with white oak veneers, cast aluminum and graphite. It not only has a stunning exterior, but comes complete with storage shelving behind the pull-to-open doors.

Must-have items in every entry:

A Focal Point
Above the entry table, a mounted mirror or piece of art will create the perfect focal point. Our Cooper Mirror or Jude Mirror are neutral, yet beautiful pieces that work in a variety of entries. If your entry is large, our Lesley Mirror would be a stunning addition.

If you’re looking for more color, a few of my favorite art pieces to showcase in an entry are the Forest Festa, Cerulean Movement, and Meteor Shower paintings.

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A Rug
Unless your entry is carpeted, consider adding a rug. The size always depends on the space available, but most entries will fit a 5’ x 8’ rug. My favorite is our indoor/outdoor Nirvana Rug that brings an added texture to any home.

A Lamp
When including a lamp on the entry console or table, I love to make the design asymmetrical by placing a lamp on one side and the art or mirror, off-center, on the other side. I adore our Nora Lamp for its shiny glaze and faux shagreen texture. If you’re looking for something with more height, our Joel Lamp works perfectly.

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A Tray
For purpose and style, a tray for catch-all’s is a must. It’s the place where you can throw your keys or hold your favorite candle or diffuser. I love our white, hair-on-hide, Nate Tray, or our faux shagreen trays. For a unique piece that includes an artist’s photo mounted in acrylic, our Colorado Pines Tray is another favorite of mine.

A Bench or Ottoman
The entry way is also a great place to include seating. Benches and ottomans can add a lot of style and functionality to the space. If you don’t have a built-in bench, a great option would be to add a free-standing, stylish bench like our Larkin Bench. For something more subtle, our Athena Pouf or Fritz Ottoman are great pieces to include.

Whether it’s on your console or inside your tray, every entry needs accessories. My favorites? Our Coral Pearls candle or Feather & Air Diffuser. Here, you can also keep your favorite picture frame, a succulent to add greenery or one of our hurricanes.


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