How to Choose Accent Lighting

Lighting is arguably one of the most important elements of a design. It sets the tone of the room, and with the right statement piece, is often the first thing you notice upon entering. The right lighting can revive, motivate or relax you, depending on the style.

When choosing lighting, every space should have layered illumination, which can include any combination of overhead, task and accent lighting. No matter the layout, there should be contrast and light illuminating the focal points of the space.

Accent lighting is key in creating some of the most inviting ambience. When choosing accent lighting, consider the overall style of the space and pieces you love. To narrow down your options further, consider how it will fit in your space and add to the everyday functionality.

Types of Accent Lighting

If kept in proportion to the size of the room, large chandeliers can be used in any part of the home to make a statement without overwhelming the space.


Add a fun, unique look to a room with a bare-bulb fixture like the Dalton chandelier. This chandelier style offers a bold option for a modern or industrial home.


This piece will be the main attraction in any modern or contemporary space. It looks exceptionally beautiful over a dining table or coffee table.


Functioning as a chandelier and a work of art, the Starburst chandelier is the ultimate showstopper.

Table Lamps

Incorporating table lamps along with overhead lighting creates layers and allows for different combinations to suit varying needs and moods.


Bold and dark, this lamp is a stunning addition to a bedside table or console in the living room. This table lamp adds an interesting ambiance to any space with high contrast of dark and light.


A marble table lamp adds a subtle, pretty texture to a space. Beautiful in a neutral room or with complimenting accent colors, the Taylot lamp illuminates its own unique base as well as its surroundings.


This table lamp features a polished, natural horn set on a crystal base. It’s a stylish, mountain modern choice for a side table, desk or buffet.

Floor Lamps

A must-have in your living space, floor lamps offer another illumination layer and can sit right beside your sofa as opposed to having a side table. Floor lamps not only offer great light, but double as an art piece.


Bring a natural element into your mountain home with the Forest floor lamp. This one-of-a-kind piece looks beautiful in a living area or a reading nook.


This classic floor lamp works in many different types and styles of spaces. It’s also the perfect piece to balance masculine and feminine preferences.


Simplicity and beauty. This floor lamp brings a sense of balance to any space. Place it in your living room, bedroom, entry or reading nook.


When choosing lighting, don’t be afraid to mix metals or styles in different spaces of your home. If you're looking for another way to revamp your space check out our blog on How To Choose Accent Seating or expand your options further with our Step-By-Step Guide to Customizations.

For more designer insight, our team is available to help you create space that reflect your personal aesthetic. Ready to light it up?


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