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CD furniture store team

Meet Our Frisco Furniture Store Team

Our Frisco furniture store provides much more than just stunning, curated furnishings and accessories to our community and beyond. Our design consultants inspire and connect with anyone who walks through the doors.

With their combined knowledge of interior furnishings and passion for building strong relationships, the furniture store team can be your guide to selecting the perfect pieces and décor for your spaces to enhance your home and your life.

Here, we ask one significant question to each team member to get a glimpse into what it looks like working with Collective: How important is relationship when working with a customer or designing a client’s home?

Zach Rauen

Zach Rauen
Operations Coordinator

“The first step in any design project is establishing a strong relationship built around trust. When a client trusts, they feel comfortable to tell you exactly what they are looking for, what inspires them, what their vision of a dream home looks like. Having that bond establishes an environment where there is no worry of judgement, just excitement of possibilities.”


Chantal Kirkhoff
Design Consultant

"Building a working relationship with a client is key to the long-term success of a business. Having a strong connection based on trust and communication helps customs feel more secure and connected. When you have that, the options are endless."


Ashleigh Olthoff
Design Consultant

"My relationship with the client is exceptionally important as the client is trusting me with the design of their space. Therefore, I strive to implement the best communication style that works well for both myself and the client in order to achieve a successful collaboration and the clients desired outcome."

Lizzy Brown

Lizzy Brown
Delivery & Operations Associate

"Having a good relationship with your customers is one of the most important aspects of doing business, especially working in interior design. When working to create a client's dream home, it becomes more of a personal relationship. You want to ensure your client always feels comfortable and trusts who is in their home."

Learn more about Collective’s distinctive, personal approach and tell us about your next home project by getting in touch or stopping by our furniture store.



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