how to decorate for holidays

How to Decorate for the Holidays

how to decorate for holidays

How to Decorate for the Holidays

mandy black
Mandy Black
Design Consultant

When planning your holiday decorations, think about what inspires you. With this being my first winter living in the Rockies, I can’t get enough of the outdoors. My husband and I are always taking hikes and exploring, which inspires me to bring the outdoors into our home this holiday season. Mixing natural elements with pretty, sparkling accessories makes any space cozy and festive. Here, I’ve put together some simple tips to bring the holiday spirit into your mountain home.

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How To: Decorate Your Mantle

Winter foliage and evergreens are a great place to begin when it comes to the mantle. I started by placing the wreath. I wanted to add that natural element while drawing the eye up. Then I placed a simple garland to run the greenery the full length of the mantle.

Another thing to remember when styling a mantle is adding height to either side. You don't have to worry about being to symmetrical. It gives the decor a whimsical vibe if you interchange a few different heights and materials, like the candle holders and glass trees.

If you want to add a little more color, throw some ornaments onto the garland. The pop of red mixed with the silver and glitter from the ornaments is so pretty and really ties the design together!

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How To: Decorate Your Coffee Table

It’s fun to think outside the box when planning your holiday decor. Simple tricks like adding a wreath to your coffee table is an easy way to do so. You can fill the center of the wreath with gorgeous ornaments to display those festive colors.

Another easy holiday decorating trick is adding candles to your design. The soft flickering light brings warmth to the space, while adding a different element to your decor.

dining table

How To: Decorate Your Dining Table

Wow your friends & family this year with an amazing holiday table! The best design trick here? It’s all about layers! Lining stylish vases down the middle of your table with winter foliage is a great place to start. Then, mix in some fun candle taper holders on each side. You can add greenery or garland between the vases and more candlesticks to make the centerpiece look fuller.

Another simple holiday trick is adding pinecones or nuts to the table; bringing in warmth with another natural element. Don’t forget to incorporate festive linens or napkins to add softness and color to the table.


How To: Decorate Your Console

Don't overthink your holiday decor. Sometimes less is more! When styling a console, start with a big centerpiece and build around it. You can fill a bowl with greenery and add some fun ornaments for color and sparkle. I always like to run a garland, weaving it around the lamps and bowl so it doesn't look too stiff. Then fill in any gaps with gorgeous candle pillars and snow globes!


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