Collective Remodels | Before & After

Refreshed. It’s that feeling you get from new beginnings. It’s recognizing the inevitability of change and celebrating a new season of life. It’s seeing your home in a whole new light, and injecting energy back into your space with thoughtful design updates.

There’s never been a better time to breathe new life into your home with a remodel or renovation, leaning on our designers to build upon what you already love while embracing the evolution of your vision and the optimism of a fresh start.

Here, our designers and architect share how they revive spaces through remodels, their personal approach and attention to detail to bring their client’s vision of home to life.

Catherine Lykins, Associate Designer





What were your clients looking to update and why?
They were looking to remodel the entire basement to add a larger family room, bar, bunk room, office, and bathroom. The rest of the home focused on mainly cosmetic updates, space planning, and new furnishings and accessories.

What was the process like for this project?
Since this is remodel, we had to start by figuring out what the scope of the project was and what the clients were looking for. After meeting with them, talking through how they’ll be using their home, and honing in on their style, we moved into the design set phase. The general contractors then take over and we act as their right hand with anything they need design related. Once construction was finishing up, we went through the same process for furnishings.

What’s something unique about this remodel?
This ski-in, ski-out home was built in1975. You can see how different these spaces feel simply by updating the floors, paint, and celling.

Hillary Mork, Associate Designer



Why did your clients choose to work with Collective, and you specifically?
Need more info here. Once their desires for the space were revealed, our team decided what they were looking for commingled with my style & taste.

What were they looking to update and why?
The clients were looking to update the kitchen and living spaces on the main floor, the place where they gather and entertain most. We pushed the kitchen island out, created a custom wet bar, updated to neutral washed cabinets, lighter tile and new hardware. We also stripped the dark, traditional look of the log accent wall and added a neutral wash to make the room look larger and brighter. All of the details and pieces were thoughtfully chosen to reflect their lifestyle and aesthetic.

What’s something unique about this remodel?
Textures play a huge role in making a space warm, inviting and unique. My clients & I were able to work together to design stunning, custom area rugs which tied it all together.

Zane Levin, Architect


In Progress

Architecture Plans

What were they looking to update and why? Everything besides the roof and the walls. We completely stripped the house down to the studs. We’re rebuilding the existing garage to create 3 new bedrooms, added a new garage with a rooftop deck, ripped out the original bedrooms to be an entertaining space and incorporated an open concept in the kitchen, living and dining areas. The clients wanted more sleeping capacity, a new master bedroom larger than the existing bedrooms, and fun areas for gathering. What was the process like for this project? It’s been pretty easy for how in-depth the renovation is. The clients presented their overarching concepts and asked us for suggestions. We were quickly able to provide 2-3 options for general layout. They chose what they liked best and we moved forward with floor plans. What’s something unique about this remodel? When we use the term remodel or renovation, it’s typically a change to a portion of the home. An addition is a singular space that’s added, like a new master suite or new garage. This home is a remodel and an addition, making it unique in itself. The project has been a lot like a new construction build because it’s a huge undertaking and we’re doing so much. This is one of the larger remodels I’ve worked on and will be one of the coolest before and after’s.

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