coffee table

Designer Tips for Your Coffee Table

coffee table

How to Style Your Coffee Table

Lisa Yates
Lead Designer

When you think of a living room, it should bring you memories of gathering. Whether it’s playing a board game with your family or having friends over for cocktails, everything happens on or around the coffee table. It can be where you showcase some of your favorite possessions, be a functional piece and even a one-of-a-kind showstopper, all in one. Here, I get to share my personal interior design tips and favorite items for how to style your coffee table.

It’s all about style, texture and scale when it comes to your space and furnishings. As for coffee tables, people are moving away from glass-top coffee tables and towards more comfortable, livable profiles. In your mountain home especially, natural elements are the way to go.

Round coffee tables are hard to find and this one is especially beautiful with the unique use of the natural wood slices. Our chamcha wood Boscage Coffee Table brings a stunning natural element into your living space.

coffee table

Must-have items on every coffee table:

Three of my favorite coffee table books are Colorado Black On White by John Fielder, with over 200 images of his life’s work in Colorado, Ice Is Black by Laurent Baheaux, showcasing arctic landscapes and wildlife, and The Equestrian World by Peter Clotten, for his journey behind the scenes at world-famous equestrian competitions, races and more.

A Tray
Every coffee table needs a tray to serve as a catch all for remotes, coasters, candles and more. Our pine tree or skier trays are unique, fun and perfect for your mountain home. If you’re looking for something different, we have some gorgeous hair-on-hide trays that are beautiful and mountain-modern.

coffee table

Coasters are a necessity but can still be stylish and natural. Our olive wood coasters are patterned by the natural grain of wood and each has a unique patterning making no two ever the same. Or, our hair-on-hide coasters are a chic accent and pull in an elegant look.

I like to keep it clean and simple. Depending on the style of the space, textures of décor and scale of the coffee table, consider adding a candle or greenery help give it some height. Also, changing the candle and flowers based on the season is a fun way to mix things up and show off your personal style.

For a different texture, I love our wild groves metal candles that are industrial and clean without being overwhelming, Accessorize with a cute set of matches, too!

coffee table

Brighten up your space with some natural greens. I love our faux succulents that come in sets of 3. Display them all together or disperse around your home on tabletops. Fresh or faux, greenery is always in-style and freshens up your space.


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