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Breckenridge Remodel Before & After

Whether you’re considering a remodel an existing space or building a new home from the ground up, our full-service architectural offerings have you covered from the first client meeting and initial renderings to the final product. Our approach towards bringing our client’s visions to life is founded on our guiding principles of trust, transparency and collaboration. By combining the forces of our award-winning designers and our in-house architects, Collective is fully equipped to tackle challenges like this remodel located in Breckenridge’s Warrior’s Mark neighborhood.

Beginning with a home built in the mid-70s with many years since an update, our team focused on introducing a more progressive design while adding more spaces for gathering. “We completely stripped the house down to the studs. We rebuilt the garage to create three new bedrooms, added a new garage with a rooftop deck and ripped out the original bedrooms to make room for an entertaining space. Finally, we combined the kitchen, living and dining areas into one airy, open-concept space,” said Architect, Zane Levin. “This is one of the larger remodels I’ve worked on and resulted in one of the coolest transformations.”

Here, we share this home’s before-and-after evolution and how the clients of this project appreciated our seamless design process, personal approach and attention to detail. Join Zane as he sits down with the client to get the full story on this unbelievable remodel.

exterior Vodicka before
Vodicka remodel
Vodicka exterior before
exterior after

Zane: What was different about working with Collective compared with what you expected?
Client: The level of detail Collective provided from the beginning and through the project was much greater than I expected. I felt comfortable that nothing was going to get missed because there were so many details to see and choose. The team made it easy by offering great suggestions for us to review and choose.

Zane: Why did you initially choose Collective?
Client: The professionalism and experience. Throughout the process, the team had it all under control and laid everything out very easily for us.

Vodicka kitchen before
Vodicka kitchen after
Vodicka living before
Vodika living after

Zane: What was your biggest concern in choosing Collective, and what put your fears to rest?
Client: My biggest concern was having to make a thousand decisions on my own in something I have never done, a full remodel. Collective put those fears to rest early in the process when they made it clear that they will keep everything under control and won’t let us make a single mistake.

kitchen before
vodicka kitchen after
Vodicka great room before
Vodicka great room after
Vodicka bedroom before
Vodicka bedroom after

Zane: What were you hoping to get out of working with Collective, and how did the experience compare to your expectations?
Client: We were hoping to get great guidance on the project and suggestions that fit our idea and desires for the home and for the way we live. Collective nailed it and took our initial idea to a new level that ended up even better than we could have ever expected.

Bedroom After
living after
kitchen after

Zane: What made you happiest working with Collective?
Client: The end result. Through the process, the designers made every little detail very seamless for us, but the end result of the home, what we were looking for and more, really makes us the happiest.

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