When it comes to design, Izzy is all about creating spaces that evoke emotion, choosing functional yet sophisticated pieces, and warming up a room with unique textures.

Since moving from the East Coast to Summit County and joining the Collective team, Izzy’s refined, yet eclectic style has helped to develop the showroom from the ground up. “It’s been so exciting be a part of the showroom’s first year. I joined the team right before opening, got to unpack all of the product, design the first showroom vignettes, and watch it evolve from there.”

On top of designing, curating and consulting in the showroom, Izzy helps her clients refresh their spaces and bring their vision of home to life. Whether you’re looking for guidance with space planning or custom upholstery, Izzy will work with you to make your house feel like home.

Here we get to know Izzy, what’s inspired her style, how she begins her design process, and her secret to creating personalized spaces her clients have always dreamt of.


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Can you remember the first space that had an impact on your design-focused career?
When I was in high school, my parents renovated our mountain-modern home in Vermont. At the time, I had been into really retro stylings and my parents gave me the opportunity to completely redesign my bedroom during the renovation. I selected all the fixed finishes, furnishings, lighting and accessories, and even insisted on a wood paneled accent wall! It turned out exactly as I envisioned, with a very retro ski-chalet vibe. It’s still one of my favorite spaces to this day.

How would you describe your style now?
Refined-mountain-eclectic. I always choose pieces that are functional and purposeful while considering how they fit cohesively in a space. Now living in the Rockies, I love to throw in Colorado-inspired pieces that represent mountain living. I also like to pick out unique, textural fabrics.

What has inspired that?
Growing up in both New York City and Stratton, Vermont has had a heavy influence on my style. It’s made me appreciate both classic, timeless design elements as well as the incorporation of rustic, unrefined aesthetic themes. From a young age, I was always able to recognize and value when someone puts a lot of thought and purpose into their space; the melding of refined and rustic in a balanced way exemplifies that sentiment.

What clues about your personality and style does your house reveal?
I embrace Colorado living, love my Southwestern pieces and I have included a lot of different textures in my space. I make sure to find meaningful décor pieces when I’m traveling – hides, rugs, wall hangings, wool pieces, and leathers. They remind me of my travels whilst still alluding to the mountain style I know and love!

What do you like best about design?
Creating spaces that evoke emotion. I want my designs to make the people occupying them feel a certain way, whether that be calm, immersed in nature, or excited to be in their second home getaway.

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How do you begin a design process?
I always start by getting as much information as possible from my clients by asking what they like and dislike right off the bat. Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram are great tools for inspiration. Anything my clients have been saving and liking is helpful to see at kickoff. From there, I can get a good grasp of the desired mood of the room or home. Sometimes it’s difficult for clients to articulate exactly what they’re looking for, but that’s what I’m here to help with. I make sure to choose pieces I know will be cohesive together in a space.

How do you make sure your client’s house feels like home?
I think it’s difficult for some people to put a lot of time and thought into the aesthetics of their secondary home simply due to the property not being located near their primary residence. I make sure that I am the point person they can trust while they aren’t nearby and make sure that after being away for months, the space feels fresh and welcoming upon arrival. I always try to include Colorado-centric elements, such as vintage ski posters, and natural elements (mixed woods and metals) so that the home really feels like the mountain-escape most of my clients are looking to achieve.

So, it all feels very personal…
Yes, throughout the entire design process. I really get to know my clients from the very start of a project by asking them as many questions as possible. We have organic conversations that help reveal their personality and their vision for their home. We tend to have an expedited relationship – even with my out-of-town clients – that makes us get on a personal level, fast. I’m always making sure we stay on top of communication and am constantly showing them new product. I’m always keeping them in the know so they are as excited about the process as I am and are with me every step of the way.

What spaces are you currently designing?
I currently have two larger-scale furnishings projects and two accessorizing projects. They’re all different styles; some more refined and some more transitional, but all have a common mountain-modern theme. All of the projects have custom pieces, such as upholstery, case goods, bedding, etc., which makes each space in each project, one-of-a-kind.

What’s been one of your favorite projects so far?
I’m currently working on a Basecamp condo across from our showroom! It’s more of a challenge since it’s a 500 square foot space, but it has been really fun since we [me and my client] have to get very creative with the furnishings we are selecting. We’re incorporating some beautiful pieces while making sure every single one has a purpose and peak functionality.

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Which design trends are you most excited about this year?
Overall, I really care about being on the forefront of design for the showroom and my clients. It’s so important for us to get our hands on new, stylish product and to know what’s trending in the industry and in our surroundings.

I LOVE the Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue! I think blue is going to come into play with a lot of upcoming accessories and upholstery. It’s a great color for mountain homes. In any project, I like to choose a statement color and incorporate it in a lot of different ways in a room.

Stone as a design element is trending, too. I’m seeing a lot of marble, onyx, and alabaster making way into the design world, from fixed finishes all the way through to accessories.

Finish this sentence: Every room needs…
An unexpected texture, whether it be a shearling, a teddy fabric, or a concrete or stone element.

Do you have any pieces at Collective that you especially love right now?
The Jaxson Chair is one of my favorites in the showroom. It’s upholstered in a really unique, yet subtle, fabric. Also, I’m always sure to point out our petrified side tables, mohair pillows, and the Sylvan Credenza console when people are shopping the showroom.

What made you decide you wanted to be a part of the Collective team?
I love having the opportunity to work with my team and our clients in creating spaces and a showroom that inspire our customers and clients. Both the team and clients have solidified why I wanted to be a part of the Collective family; they’re amazingly fun to work with.


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